jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

Salvajada contra un delfín - Turquía

Creíamos que lo habíamos visto todo con lo de Jack y Regina, y ahora resulta que en Turquía le hacen algo parecido a un delfín.
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June 16, 2008

Dolphin,There is nothing more to say actually, dolphin takes no adjectives really perhaps with the exception of angel. Yes, a dolphin is an angel - in the sea. They offer us their love, they offer us their help in healing our kids; mentally disabled children are known to communicate with dolphins.

The bond between a child and a dolphin is beyond words.

Well, Hellcome to Turkey. A land where even a dolphin will be tortured. In fact, torture won’t begin to describe what happened to this particular dolphin in the Mediterranean holiday town of Datca today.

Its dead body came ashore around noon today. Its mouth was covered in blood. To its tail they had chained a number of heavy stones to make sure that it would sink. Furthermore, its entire abdominal area was cut open with a sharp object (sadism knows no limits here, God knows what that object was). If you can stomach scenes of a tortured angel, take a look at the pictures.

If you still haven’t signed our petition, do not waste another second after you look at these pictures.

Discover Turkey, more is on the way.

Inés Molina Cabello

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